It is known that every woman needs to feel free and elegant during her different daily activities. Such feeling can’t be obtained without elegant and comfortable clothes; the matter that drove most of the famous fashion brands and designers to run after the maxi trend. The maxi dress, which was always known as the most feminine and beautiful summer garment, is the current trend for 2011 and probably for 2012 as for how beautiful and practical it is.Most of the women nowadays prefer the maxi dress more than any other style since it allows free movement and it match both; the casual and classic styles. Silk and chiffon maxi dresses are the most elegant of all. They can even be worn at formal meetings and occasions or as a day dress for work. The evening maxi dresses come with different tailoring details and satin straps on the waist or the shoulders. They also come with little glowing pieces stuck on the bodice; and most of them come in the strapless neckline style.