27 Bridesmaid Dresses for Under $100

Congratulations! You’ve found that perfect somebody who’ll nurse you back to Soberville when you’ve had one too many Midori sours at the bar, and who’ll love you despite your poor music choices in the car. (Admit it! You’ve been bopping your head to the Biebs’ new song on repeat.) You’re that cloyingly sweet, so-in-love couple that you used to hate when you were single, and now that you’re getting hitched, you’ve recruited your herd of besties as your bridesmaids.

Assuming you’re not having a theme wedding where requisite attire mandates the bridal party’s wardrobe take a cue from Marilyn Manson, we’ve got twenty-seven bridesmaid dress suggestions for you that a) won’t have your bridesmaids screaming “the horror, the horror ,” and b) won’t have them filing for bankruptcy. (Waiting for the bachelorette party and the colorful “performers” for that one…kidding!)

Bridesmaid Dresses for $100 and Below

Purple Dresses